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Welcome to NRG-WoW wersquo;re a small WotLK community of friendly players and staff we are running on TrinityCore with the latest compile we are a 3.3.5a Instant 80, fast start raiding server. Cross-Faction Battlegrounds amp; Raids Enabled to help players get the groups that they need. All Players now start off as Instant 80 and all spells learned. Season 5 Vendor (ilvl 213 and off-setspvp) Tier 8.5 Vendor (free/few gold PvE gear up to level 226), Free Mount Skills on Character Creation, Free x4 18 Slot Bags, All Class Glyph Vendors, 15000G Starter Gold to use as you want, Solo Queue 1v1 amp; 3v3 Arenas amp; Solo Queue Battlegrounds. We also have hourly rewards which include 1 Emblem of Triumph amp; 250 Honor Points Every Hour amp; 1 Emblem of Frost amp; 50 Arena Points Every 3 Hours to make sure players remain active.

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